Daniel Yomtobian Chase Speed  

Daniel Yomtobian's passion for speed and fast cars

Daniel Yomtobian's modest upbringing contributed to his desire to work hard and become a successful entrepreneur. Not even 30 years old, Daniel Yomtobian has achieved more than what one can fathom in a lifetime. His ambition and self-motivation serve to further fuel his passion. Daniel's enthusiasm to move forward in life is analogous to racing fast in a sportscar. Daniel Yomtobian has felt passionate about cars since his father came home with a 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera when he about ten years old. He saw the excitement that his father felt when he drove the 911 and Daniel knew that he wanted to someday experience that same intensity.

Why this fast car fascination?

Like most young boys Daniel Yomtobian's passion for cars began at an early age. Initially he was attracted to the speed and momentum but later became captivated with the sense of freedom that he associated to sports cars. Part of Daniel's motivation to get ahead was fueled by the notion of one day being able to own his own sports car. He knew that in order to own his own sports car he had to remain motivated and determined. Daniel remained fascinated with fast cars and as a young boy he would clip out pictures of fast cars that he dreamed of driving someday. He knew that if he ever achieved his goal of becoming a successful businessman the first thing he would purchase would be a fast sportscar.

Daniel Yomtobian has always been driven to get ahead and to move forward in his life. Now that he has achieved many of his dreams, he has been fortunate enough to make his dreams of owning a sportscars a reality. Some of the cars that Daniel has driven include: Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, and Lambourghini.