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Daniel Yomtobian - Co-founder of ABCSearch

Daniel Yomtobian was born in 1977 to immigrant parents. He is the second of two children. His father works as a businessman and his mother is a social worker living in California. His earlier years were modest and humble. As a teenager Daniel kept himself busy playing sports such as karate and football. He also worked odd jobs to make extra cash.

He got his first PC after graduating from high school. His first introduction into the World Wide Web began when he took an html course where he learned how to create and design websites. Most of Daniel's knowledge about computers came from discipline and spending time teaching himself about computers. Daniel would spend hours each day and night analyzing and compartmentalizing the Internet and all its capacities. He realized that he wanted to focus his attention on being a domain aggregator - buying and selling dictionary based domain names.

He went on to become the Co-founder of an online media and advertising company called WayInternet. He next co-founded the search engine 'Findology', and later sold his share of the company. Dan had a string of successes with continued involvement in a multitude of other successful startups.

In 2001, Daniel Yomtobian launched ABCsearch.com. The growth of abcsearch.com continues to flourish to this day as Daniel persists in building companies and services that add value to both businesses and consumers. By engaging in philanthropic endeavors Daniel hopes to help others who are less fortunate. He has remained inspired to give back to the community.

Today, in the online advertising industry Daniel Yomtobian is a name to be reckoned with. His company ABCSearch was featured on the back cover of the Fall 2005 issue of 'Revenue' magazine. ABCSearch is one of the world's top mediums of cost-per-click advertising on the Internet and has grown to notch over 2.5 billion searches per month. This figure continues to rise...

In addition to being a prominent business presence in the IT segment, he is also a sought after expert in the online advertising industry. His views on various aspects of the industry are continuously being heard.